It Works Global Steps to Success

It Works Global Steps to Success

Simple 3 Step System – It Works

A simple three-step system teaches new it Works distributors how to party their way to profits!  

Here are the It Works Global Steps to Success….

How would you like to have fun while you earn money? Better yet, how would you like to know earning that money was a risk-free guarantee? Well, with It Works, your success is guaranteed. How? It Works has turned success into a simple three-step system that takes you through everything you need to do to learn while you’re having fun. that’s the Steps to Success!

Step Up!

“Our whole philosophy is that if you do these three steps, it opens up all the bonuses available to you,” say Mike Potillo, It Works Chief Sales Officer. “No matter where you are in the world, our training system is unified. Everyone follows the same three steps. We actually guarantee that a new person who completes the Steps to Success in their first 60- days will earn a minimum income of $500.” That’s an offer most can’t refuse and eliminates any doubt on joining It Works!

By working through these three steps, you’re on the fast track to profits and unlimited earnings potential with It Works. Just repeat the steps to keep earning yourself and show others how to do the same. All this income while you’re having fun!

Step 1: Join the Party

You can start your It Works business with their Business Builder Kit for just $99. In this economy It Works knows people need a way to start no matter what their budget and turn it into cash. To qualify monthly It Works has made it simple, so your personal qualifying auto-shipment of only 80 in business volume qualifies you for commissions, from brand new distributor all the way through the entire compensation plan to the top rank in the company. It Works leaders know anyone can complicate this business but it takes innovators to simplify it.

To keep the party going, optional “booster” product packs are available at a discount with everything you need to party your way to profits with a Wrap party. Booster product packs contain multiple boxes of It Works Wraps, and Facials.

The company’s signature Wrap Party is your opportunity to have fun, connect with prospects and start earning — fast!

“We like to say that we’re not a party-plan company, but we love to party,” says It Works Chief Networking Officer Pam Sowder. “Women and men finally have a perfect combination of direct sales techniques and a network marketing compensation plan to pay them what they are worth.”

Wrap Parties with your Booster Pack Wraps and Facials can generate $1,000+ in cash in only a party or two.

Step 2: Wrap Free

At the Wrap party, your guest will experience the instant tightening, toning and firming results of the It Works Wrap. As the old adage goes, seeing is believing, and that’s why the Wrap Party is so crucial to helping you complete Step 2. Gather four Loyal Customers in your first 30 days and you’ll get two boxes of wraps for free. That’s $120 in free product, which can generate another $200+ in cash. With your free wraps, you can host even more Wrap Parties to gather more Loyal Customers.

Who is a Loyal Customer? It’s someone who commits to a minimum of three consecutive orders of any It Works product. Loyal Customers get wholesale pricing on their first order as well as all orders for life, along with points for each order which rewards them with free product.

Step 3: Guarantee

The Guarantee* is extremely popular with people looking for a fail-safe way to venture into the world of owning their own business. In your first 60 days, simply get three people to “Wrap Free” by completing Steps 1 and 2, just like you did, and It Works will guarantee you a minimum of $500 in income!

Getting on the road to financial freedom with It Works is just that easy! But as simple as the Steps to Success are, you don’t have to take them alone. You’ll have an entire family supporting you every step of the way.

One, Two, Three, Paycheck!

The three steps (It Works Global Steps to Success) provide a road-map, and your sponsor, the person who introduced you to the company, is your guide to success. “If you joined It Works today, the first thing you and your sponsor would do is make a game plan,” Pam says. “Let’s have a party. Start online marketing with Facebook before-and-after pictures and then setup a Facebook page about your party. We even provide language for text messages and emails.”

Besides the personal help of your sponsor, you’ll also have access to your It Works online office, where you’ll find all the tools you need to manage your business. The site also contains the Training Academy, a detailed, go-to guide in It Works.

Need inspiration and guidance? Check out the videos of fellow It Works distributors sharing the success they created by following the simple steps, and of tips from corporate leaders on completing them.

Visit to be inspired by our stories.

Mike says that all training and support new distributors receive revolves around the three Steps to Success. “They are the foundation,” he says. “Everything distributors watch in the Training Academy leads to something they need to do to accomplish the steps, or to later help their team accomplish the steps.”

Invest in Income

Many new distributors invest their initial earnings back into their business. They buy It works branded gear – shirts, hats, bags and buttons in the It Works signature colors of black, green and bling. The colorful gear is more than just a way to flash the company logo. Much of it displays eye-catching, life-affirming phrases such as Living the Dream, Whole ‘Notha Level, and It Will Change Your Life.  This is another example of using the It Works Global Steps to Success.

It’s a conversation starter that helps distributors build their businesses while also feeling a part of the It Works team. Pam observes, “Clothes are rejection-free marketing. They’re a great medium to get people to ask, ‘What’s that?’ And the question lets distributors put a Blitz Card in someone’s hands.”

The It Works Blitz Card is your simple tool for spreading the word about your business by inviting your prospects to try that ‘crazy wrap thing’ that is the It Works Wrap. Each card includes a coupon and the offer to host a party and try the wrap for the best price of all: free. It works encourages distributors to be proactive in their use of the Blitz Card, emphasizing blitzing daily as a mantra of the company.

“We teach that every time you engage someone about the product, use a tool,” Pam explains. “If someone asks, ‘What’s in it?’ we offer the supplemental fact sheet or product brochure, which lists the ingredients. A new distributor doesn’t have to have any verbiage at all. They can go out confidently and just let the tools to the talking.”

Everyone loves to text message and it’s a great tool that gives instant results. It’s rejection free and creates a lot of curiosity about our product. A simple message we teach our teams to send is ‘Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?’ and you wouldn’t believe how many people get responses within minutes. Our system is Simple, Fast and Social.

Distributors keep on learning new ways to succeed in It Works through events designed to help distributors take their business to a ‘whole ‘notha level’. Green Carpet Experiences prepare distributors with foundational and advanced training to help them achieve leadership status in the company. Once completed, It Works rewards top leaders with their Dash to the Destination retreat held in Florida.

All events culminate with the annual Freedom Conference, where you will find corporate, field leaders and thousands of distributors coming together to celebrate their goals for the year and hear what life-changing introductions they will have the opportunity to implement in the next year. Successful It Works team members generously share their success stories, providing ideas and inspiration. It Works events are learning opportunities, but they’re also celebrations of the It Works way of friendships, fun and freedom — family reunions of the close-knit It Works community!

It Works Global Steps to Success… so easy, if I can do it, so can YOU!

From Steps to Success to Wrap Parties to Green Carpet to the Freedom Conference, It Works makes learning and earning with their formula for debt freedom simple and fun. Now there’s a reason to party!

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*All guarantee qualifications must be met within your first 2 calendar months. Certain limitations and/or restrictions apply; see Step 3: Guarantee rules in back office for complete details.